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The Wee Book Company Ltd wus incorporated in 2018 wi' the aim o' producing quality, modern non-fiction Scottish humour an' children's fiction. We're a' aboot the funny but we underscore wur books wi' messages o' love, positivity, confidence an' resilience. Aye, it's important tae us tha' laughter an' love go haund in haund (jeez-oh, get us!).

Wur authors are largely individuals (nae a' large individuals) who huv trained in wan therapy or anither, an' so write wi' wan eye oan the importance o' the guid stuff o' life. Mind, there's nothing po-faced aboot wur books. Naw, there's none o' tha' 'sit oan top o' a mountain an' channel yer inner unicorn' kind o' thing. Wur books are written wi' humour an' wi' a mahoosive dollop o' common sense. No' wan unicorn tae be seen! The jokes come thick an' fast, an' staund alone. C'mon, who's no' gaun tae chuckle a' the description o' Cludgie Aerobics in The Wee Book o' Cludgie Banter or Thistle Squats in Big Tam's Kilted Wurkoots? An' dinnae get us startit oan the Grannies' Sayin's ... 'heid doon, erse up!' ... 'he's got a face tha' only a mither cuid love' ... 'ye're rippin' ma knittin'!' ... sigh ... hours o' endless fun!

We huv tae say here tha' we huv mair authors lined up than we can shake a stick a' (no' tha' we go in fur stick shakin' tha' often), so we're no' in a position tae accept unsolicited manuscripts.

We're sorry.

Naw, really. We are sorry.

Our hoose illustrator


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