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The Wee Book Company Ltd is a new publishing company, with its operational base in Midlothian (a very swanky garden office with bird feeders all around) and its registered office in Glasgow (a very swanky sandstone building).

Our aim is produce non-fiction Scottish humour titles and children's fiction which are a' aboot the funny but which are underscored by messages of love, positivity, confidence, resilience and determination. It is important to us that laughter and love go hand in hand (whoa, get us!).

Our authors are largely individuals (not all large individuals) who have trained in one therapy or another and so write with their sights fixed firmly on self development. However, there's nothing po-faced about these books. Naw, there's none of that 'sit on top of a mountain and dream ye're a unicorn' kind of thing. The books are written with good sense and humour, and even if self development's nae yer thing, the jokes come thick and fast - and stand alone.

We're sorry to say that we have more authors lined up than we can shake a stick at and so we're not in a position to accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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