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Ta diddlee dah!  Introducin' The Wee Book Club

Ta diddlee dah! Introducin' The Wee Book Club

We've heard so many o' wur crackin' customers say o' wur Wee Books ... 'jings! ma cousin in Canada wuid love them!' ... 'crivvens! ma aunty in New Zealand wuid love them!' ... 'help ma boab! Geordie Smith in Timbuktu wuid love them!' ... tha' it got us tae thinkin' (which is no a rare occurrence, mind!). Wha' if we thocht o' a way tae get wur Wee Books oot there tae fowk who are sittin' at hame in need o' a smile an' a nod an' a wee wurd frae hame ivry single month?

Weel, we did! The Wee Book Club's jist the jinkies! It's the very dab! Fur fowk at hame an' o'er the water, the Club will see tha' a new Wee Book gets sent straicht oot ivry single month.

Wait, tho'. There's mair!

'Mair?' ah hear ye cry (aye, fine pair o' lungs yer huv! Ah hear ye!).

Ivry wan o' wur Wee Book Club members will get special wee goodies an' treats throughout the year tae say a muckle great thank you fur joining wur booky adventures. We're a' in this thegither. Crackin'!