A Day tae Day Journal  - oot soon!

A Day tae Day Journal - oot soon!

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

We are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of our first wee mindfoo day tae day journal, Ma Wee Book O' Clarty Secrets by Susan Cohen, the author of the Wee Book series. She is passionate about conveying messages of positivity, confidence and resilience with a big dollop of common sense and an even bigger dollop of outrageous Scots humour.

Thaur's nae big secret tae feelin' foo o' the joys, it's a feelin' we can a' generate by wursel's. So, dinnae fash! Park yer erse doon in yer favourite chair an' relax. Let this Wee Book be yer best friend fur a while. Let it melt a' warm an' toasty in yer haunds an' let it wrap itsel' roond yer heart lik' a furry worm. It's foo' o' guid stuff an' it'll remind ye o' jist how easy it is tae git yer heid lifted an' yer heart swellin'.