Latest Arrival  - Ma Wee Book O' Clarty Secrets

Latest Arrival - Ma Wee Book O' Clarty Secrets

Monday 12th August 2019

We are delighted to announce that our latest title Ma Wee Book O' Clarty Secrets is now at the printers and we are eagerly awaiting its imminent arrival.

This is a fantastic, must have wee book and ae ye ken tha' if ye keep a mindfoo journal jist lik' this wan ivry day,it can change yer life? An' dae ye ken tha' if tha' journal maks ye laff
alang the wiy, ye micht jist live furiver? Haw! Weel, ye dae noo!

Dinnae let yer clarty wee secrets an' yer mingin' wee thochts jangle'roond yer napper lik' thae penny pieces yer Maw keeps in thon jam jar unner the sink. Park yer erse doon an' git a' tha' stramash richt oot o' yer heid, ontae thae pages. Wance ye start, ye willnae want tae stop. Soon, ye'll start tae feel as licht an' free as an empty crisp poke floatin' doon the Clyde. Pure deid brilliant, eh? Whit a treat ye're in fur!