The Wee Book Club

Wee Book Club

Introducin' Membership o' The Wee Book Club

The purrrrrfect gift!

Wuid ye no' jist luv a Wee Book delivered tae yer door ivry month?

Are ye in Scotland an' in need o' a laff?

Are ye far awa' an' missin' hame?

Mebbes ye want tae give the perfect year-roond gift tae yer best pal? Weel, wha'ever yer reasons, ye can noo join us a' The Wee Book Club. How crackin' is tha'? Ye can be part o' wur great Scottish booky adventures an' be the FURST tae read wur new titles as they roll auf the Scottish printing presses.

Wur soon -tae-be-launched Wee Book Club gies ye the chance to be part o' a' tha' we're daein' here at the Wee Book Company. 12 crackin' books a year ... exclusive wee goodies ... treats noo an' then ... a' sorts ...

Ye can pre-order yer Wee Book Club Membership HERE

How pure dead brilliant is tha'?