Bea and Brodie

Beautiful wee Marnie, wan o' Bea and Brodie's readers.

There are times in life when a'thing comes the gither an' magic happens. We're so happy tae tell ye tha' tha's wha' happened the day Heather an' Susan met.

Heather, an artist based in the Scottish Borders, a'ready hud a body o' wurk but hud become interested in creatin' a book fur bairns. Susan wus happily introduced tae Heather by the inspirational Annie Watt o' Midlothian Council's Business Gateway an' the rest is history!

Haunds oan wur hearts, the timin' cuidnae huv been better as Heather an' Susan wurked throughoot the pandemic tae create books fur fowk o' aw ages - children aged 5 to 105 - which set oot tae raise their spirits an' remind them tha' they were aw born wi' the ability tae manage the wurkin's o' their ain minds. We aw huv the ability tae mind wur ain reactions tae aw tha' goes oan aboot us in this busy wurld, e'en if sumtimes nothin' seems tae mak much sense.

Creative energy jist seems tae whizz aboot Heather an' Susan ivry time they meet up an' as a result, the Bea and Brodie series is growin' frae strength tae strength. At its heart, it's aw aboot the love an' the importance o' managin' wur ain mental health. Tha' said, it's also aw aboot the light-heartedness o' life, the smiles, the fun, the laughter an' it's aw aboot Scotland - how its beautiful surroundin's inspire us tae make every day a good day!

STOP PRESS: Bea and Brodie's Mindful Journey hus been selected as one of The Scottish Book Trust's Top Ten Recommended Books for Children on Mental Health

AM-AZ-ING! 'Mindful Journey' is a wonderful book! Thoughtful, moving words ... great for any age group ... I have bought another one for my sister!

Everyone should have a copy of 'Mindful Journey'!

'Magical Journey' brought a big fat tear to my eye.