Wee Books fur Big Fowk

I just love your Wee Books!
Now I've found you, that's my birthday and Christmas lists sorted!

Jimmy G

Great wee books. What wonderful presents! Sent to Australia, they just loved them!

Margaret M

The Wee Books

Wur Wee Books are designed tae attract book buyers by their quirky humour, but we mak' sure tha' there's no' jist laffs inside - there's wee extras tae! We mak' sure tha' each Wee Book is underscored by solid positive motivational content.

Wee Books
Wee Books

We're proud tae produce such braw books fur grown ups. Allan Stewart's Dear Aunty May is hilarious! By way o' contrast, Big Tam's Kilted Wurkoots is foo o' laffs but also foo o' wisdom. Big Tam, the personal trainer an' coach, kens fine wha' he's aboot!

Then there's wur poetry collections. Sigh. They'll mak' ye laff 'til ye wet yer undies then mak' ye greet 'til ye reach fur a paper hankie.


I go to the King's Panto every year and couldn't believe my luck to find Allan Stewart's book! We glanced at a few pages which made us laugh so much, we bought two more copies for family.

Sheila B