2024? Wha's new? Let's see!

We are SO excited aboot how wur ranges o' books are shapin up! We huv put so much work intae ivry single wan o' them an we are grateful tae wur readers an wur trade customers fur aw yer pre-orders.

As ever, we are remainin true tae wur commitments:

  • ivry book is upliftin an light-hearted but is underscored by messages relatin tae mental health an the emphasis oan how we were aw born wi the ability tae manage the operation o' wur ain minds an lift wur ain spirits
  • we are 100% committed tae ensurin tha the production process is kept richt here in Scotland - books are written, designed an printed a' hame
  • we do NOT print o'erseas an transport wur books long distance - tha will nivver happen wi The Wee Book Company
  • we ensure tha ivry wan o' wur books is printed oan paper sourced frae sustainable forests
  • we are committed tae the support an fair remuneration o' wur freelance colleagues
  • we work wi Scottish artists an we endeavour, whenever possible, tae work wi artists who are Ukrainian nationals or Russian nationals who huv been forced tae flee their native country
Wha's new in 2024?


We LOVE this range o' Wee Fables an their gentle spirituality, inspired by the beautiful illustrations o' our Ukrainian Artist, Zelenodi.

Thae Wee Fables are books 2, 3 an 4 - followin the lead o' Jock the Fox in the Tartan Socks.

HAMISH is a very pleasant pheasant who hus somethin tae say aboot ways in which ye can care fur others roond ye but ye can do so within healthy boundaries. Nae need tae drain yersel o' aw yer energy.

RUAIRI is a quiet strong Royal twelve-point stag who reassures his friend Hector the hare tha there's nae need tae be anywan other than himsel. He's loveable jist the way he is.

BONNIE is a wee bat in a tartan hat who's no sure whether she's daein the right things in the bat world. Slowly, she learns tae trust her instincts an everythin becomes clear.

Wha's new in 2024?


Inspired by Andrew's Wee Bee Company, we're bringin wee Bunty MacBuzz tae life who lives in a beehive oan the banks o' the River Dee, near Balmoral Castle.

Bunty is a wee rascal forager bee an is up an oot o' the hive a' the crack o' dawn. Her story is wan o' the importance o' recognisin tha we're part o' somethin so much bigger than wurselves.

Mother Nature is amazin an takes care o' us aw, but we aw huv wur parts tae play - frae the Royal Gardens tae Granny MacIntosh's vegetable patch, ivrything an wan o' us is important.

Wha's new in 2024?

Andrew livin his best buzzy life!

Wha's new in 2024?

Peggy-Ann is a VERY posh campervan which carries Penny and Paisley all about the countryside in grand style. However, they soon find out that the real beauty is not to be found inside under crystal chandeliers but outdoors - under the night sky.

Wha's new in 2024?

The first Callum & Cullen book takes the boys on a mahoosive adventure on Captain Morag's boat. However, they experience the same day very differently as Callum always looks for happiness whereas Cullen does the opposite. See how things change once the island's secret is discovered!

Wha's new in 2024?

Skye is the star of the first ot wur Tartan Fairy stories an will be closely followed by Tiree, Coll and Iona. Ivry wan of the fairies has their own character, which mirrors their native isles. Sure enough, Skye is big an strong but soon finds that saving the world is pretty lonely and tiring - does she really need to take it all on her own shoulders?

Wha's new in 2024?

Ivrybody's fav'rite Granny is soon comin back! Woo hoo dee doo bee doo! This time she'll be cookin up a storm.

There are aw sorts o' fav'rite recipes in this Wee Book as well as some which arenae quite so serious an a wee story or two thrown in: Why Ye Shuid Nivver Tak Yer Granny Foragin; How No Tae Throw A Tea Party.

Happy days!