The Wee Book O' Grannies' Sayin's

The Wee Book O' Grannies' Sayin's


When we wur gettin' the gather material fur wur furst Wee Book, The Wee Book o' Grannies' Sayin's, we were struck by jist how much times hud moved oan.

Grannies today are oot there, giein' it laldie an' then sum. They're auf bungee jumpin' an' queuing fur the loos at Glastonbury, they're gaun tae the gym an' trainin' fur marathons, they're hoofin' up tae Everest base camp an' postin' a' o'er social media. Crackin'!

In fact, social media wus wha' alerted us tae the amount o' luv and affection we a' huv fur thae wee nuggets o' wisdom wur Grannies hurled in wur direction. Sincere thanks tae a' who responded tae wur appeals fur their fav'rite sayin's.