Stay strong - coronavirus self isolation - The Book Whisperers

Stay strong - coronavirus self isolation - The Book Whisperers


During thae troubled times, we so-o-o want tae help fowk oot there who are feelin' alone an' anxious so we huv teamed up wi' twa o' wur pals, authors Mary Turner Thomson an' Lea Taylor, tae offer a free 6 week kickstarter book-writin' course. We're daein' this cos we feel tha' writin' is therapy in itsel' an' tha' worried minds can be eased by positive creative distractions.

The Whisperers' facebook page is a place where we're gaun tae encourage each other tae get a' wur feelin's doon oan paper/oan tae the screen wi' a view tae releasin' sum o' the pressure we're feelin'. Along the wiy, we're gaun tae be daein' a' sorts o' exercises each an' every week tae help us work oan the structure o' wur books.

A'body hus a book inside 'em an' noo's the time - mair than ever - tae get crackin' oan them. Let's help each other, let's be creative an' let's share the lurve.

Stay safe. x

The Book Whisperers