Stir Crazy!  Self Isolation Tales

Stir Crazy! Self Isolation Tales


The Book Whisperers' facebook page hus so far attracted 800 fowk. Tha's amazin', eh? Wha's e'en mair amazin' is tha' thae beautiful fowk huv started tae post pieces o' their own truly stunnin' writin'.

Seein' as we're livin' in extraordinary times, we've a' decided tae compile a book called 'Stir Crazy' which'll be a compilation o' the Whisperer's work. It'll record wur hopes, wur fears, wur sorrows an' wur laffs.

An' wan day, when this nightmare is weel behind us, we'll look back wi' pride a' wha' we've created the gither.

Stay safe noo. x

The Book Whisperers