Introducin' Wur Book Whisperer Pals

Introducin' Wur Book Whisperer Pals


Aye, the Book Whisperers' trio o' authors are VERY professional. We huv VERY high level discussions behind the scenes. As ye can see, we tak' things VERY serious. An' we're obviously copin' wi' this lockdown malarkey VERY well. Nae bother.

Susan's chuffed an' delighted tae be wurkin' wi' thae twa crackin' authors who are jist the maist crazy mental fabuliss talented humans. The energy generated by a' three o' us wurkin' the gither, tryin' tae dae wur wee bit in wur ain wiys tae put guid stuff oot intae the world is positive an' it's heartfelt.

Luv thae girls tae bits.
Mary Turner Thomson
Lea Taylor

Stay safe. x