Poems Frae Wur Hearts

Poems Frae Wur Hearts


We're so excited aboot this book o' poems! Oot in time fur Valentine's Day 2021, it's no' jist fur couples an' fowk who are in l-u-r-v-e, it's fur a'body who fancies a wee bit o' heart-warmin' readin' an' a guid laff o'er a nice wee cup o' tea!

Wharra Joke!

He laughed in Burger King
Til chips came doon his nose
She laughed in B & Q
Til she tripped o'er a garden hose
He laughed in Dobbies Garden Centre
Til he dropped his beddin plants
She laughed in Marks and Spencer
Til she wet her underpants.

They hurried back hame
So she cuid change her knickers.
As she wus slippin oan her underwear
She wus sure she heard a snicker.
He wus still laughin
Til he wus fit tae burst
Hoppin doon the stairs
Tumblin doon heid furst.

When will we stop laughin?
She cried oot through the door
But he nivver heard her
He wus rollin oan the floor.
Jings, wha are we gaun tae dae
Tae stop laughin a' thon joke?
We'll huv tae take sum breaths
An blaw intae a paper poke!

They blew an blew an blew an blew
Til they cuid blaw nae mair.
They hud lang run oot o puff
An sank doon in their chairs.
They were quiet fur a while
Until they started tae titter.
Och, it wus jist no bloomin use
Thon joke wus a lifelong sidesplitter!