Bea and Brodie's Mindful Journey

Bea and Brodie's Mindful Journey


Wan o' the maist remarkable things aboot this book - apart frae the fact tha' the furst print run hus a' but sold oot in a matter o' weeks an' tha' it's e'en got intae the haunds o' Formula 1's David Coutlhard - is tha' it a' came aboot by a writer meetin' an artist who a'ready hud a body o' stunnin' artwurk. Aye! The art came furst - then the book evolved frae there! It turned oot tae be a match made in heaven, an' a rhyming book o' mindfulness fur a' ages wus born. We cuidnae be mair proud o' this beauty o' a book an' we cuidnae be mair gratefoo tae be wurkin' wi' sumwan so joyous an' talented as Heather McLennan, the weel kent Scottish Borders artist.

'Everything is energy
And energy is me'
Said a happy Brodie
To his loving little Bea.

'At times I feel a wee bit lost
My vibration needs a lift.
To know you as a darling friend
Is my life's most precious gift!'