Midlothian Business Champions - Finalists!

Midlothian Business Champions - Finalists!

We're SO chuffed tae huv been selected as wan o' the finalists in the Town and County Business Champions competition! We've wurked so hard o'er lockdoon tae keep a'thin' oan the rails an' we've been passionate supporters o' Midlothian, wur beloved stompin' ground. Wan o' the things we love aboot it, apart frae its beauty an' its hidden gems, is tha' fowk really do pull the gither when the gaun gets tough. It's a braw place. It really is.

This hus been the best-est surprise an' it means a lot tae us. We're gaun tae keep bein' positive, creative an' we're gaun tae keep giein' wur business an' wur darlin' readers wur very, very best.

Woo hoo dee doo bee dooooooo!!!

Happy days!!!