Fur The Bairns

Fur The Bairns

It's important in thae troubled times fur us a' tae lighten up a wee bit. Things huv been gettin' us doon fur too lang!

E'en tho' Harry Lauder wrote his song years ago aboot huvin' a wee dram, this wee ditty maks a'body's heart sing - young an' auld. Tha's why we've re-written the song intae a wee story fur the weans so tha' it gies us a' a chance tae get singin' across the generations.

This is a wee beauty o' a book.


Fur The Bairns

We're busy wurkin' oan aw sorts o' books aw a' the same time the noo but wan o' wur fav'rites - an, we must admit, a mahoosive fav'rite o' wur customers up North - is Nessie!

We ken fine tha there are aw sorts o' books oot there aboot the famous monster but we lik tae think tha wur Nessie hus a spiritual mindful significance.

This second book in the Nessie series is aw aboot the power o' the mind - the first wan bein aboot bein wan o' a kind.

Thing is, a'body's Nessie is different - an tha says mair aboot us than it does aboot her. This is very interestin tae us, cos 'we' urnae fixed in terms o' wur personalities. Sum days we feel lik we're big fearties, but sum days we feel we can conquer the wurld!

Wur projections o' wur ain moods are aw aboot us. Aw we huv tae dae is stay aware, keep wur wits aboot us! Sumtimes, it's no the wurld tha changes - it's us!!!!

Fur The Bairns
Fur The Bairns

Beautiful Young Adult fiction by first-time novelist, Joan Dewar. Set in Orkney, this hypnotic, beautifully written tale transports young readers to another world of myths and magic.

Before Wolfie and I flew off on the broomstick into the cosmos, I was already aware of how small and vulnerable our planet is, but only when I saw it on the darkest of nights from space, in all its fragility and beauty did I realise that humankind's most urgent task is to take responsibility for our Earth, and cherish and preserve it.

Vanilia Solveig, White Witch