Oot later in the year!

Here a' The Wee Book Company we're passionate aboot takin' care o' the wurkin's o' wur heids an' wur mental health. The brilliant thing is tha' we can dae it wursel's!! It jist taks a wee bit o' time an' application but we were a' born wi' the ability tae manage wur ain emotional states. This is SO important in thae troubled times when the wurld is changin' a' aboot us an' a'thing sumtimes feels as things are oot o' control. Weel, guess wha'? The BEST thing is tha' wha' is within wur control is how we choose tae react tae the wurld!! Jist spendin' a few minutes ivry day tendin' tae wur minds an' wur heids will mak' a mahoosive difference tae wur overall wellbein'!!

Susan, a regular meditator, is wurkin' oan twa books - wan fur grown ups an' wan fur weans. They're a' aboot the genuine joys tha' regular meditations can bring us a'. They're quirky, they're licht-hearted an' they hav sumthin' real tae say. It's no' a' aboot lentils an' rainbows an' unicorns!

Oot later in 2021!