Stop Yer Ticklin Jock!


This funny weans' book is comin' doon the pipe in the New Year an' it's gaun tae keep Harry Lauder's much-loved song alive! The weans are gaun tae love singin' this wi' their Mammies an' Daddies, their Grannies an' Granda's!

Jock is a richt wee prankster an' starts tae tickle Harry as he's daein' wan o' his tours o' the Castle. Soon, a'body's laffin' so much tha' wurd spreads tha' tourin' the Castle is the best gig fur miles aroond! Queues o' fowk start tae line up tae experience the fun a' the Castle o' Glee - the line stretches a' the wiy doon tae the sea!

ISBN 978-1-913237-36-3
32 pages
240mm x 240mm