THE WEE BOOK O’ WINCHIN’ – Fur Ev'ry Jock There's a Jessie


Coorie doon wi' this Wee Book which'll warm parts o' yer bod which ither books jist cannae reach. Scots throughoot history luv a bit o' the winchin', the luvvin' an' the romance. Frae stories o' Mary Queen o' Scots an' her secret love tae the Krankies, it's a' in here so it is.

This Wee Book taks a light hearted look a' datin', luvvin' an' romancin'. Packed foo o' handy hints, stories an' quizzes, this Wee Book hus sumthin' fur everyone. Fur those lookin' fur luv, there are wee snippets such as 'the perfect Scottish datin' profiles' an' 'whit no' tae dae oan a furst date'. Fur those a' smooched up, there are wee quizzes such as 'Mister an' Missus - c'mon, dae ye really want tae ken yer ither hauf thit well?' an' wee snaps such as 'Auntie Moira's tips oan keepin' yer ither hauf whistlin''. Fur those who couldnae gie a hootenanny aboot a' tha' winchin' mince, it's a' aboot 'the joys o' heatin' yer ain baffies in the oven'.

This Wee Book is illustrated with the brilliant Jane Cornwell, wi' lurve and with a wee smile.

Format: paperback
Size: 155mm x 155mm
Publisher: The Wee Book Company
Subject: Humour
Illustrations: b/w illustrations
Extent: 108 pages
ISBN: 9781916491533
Publication date: December, 2020