Poems Frae Wur Hearts


This is Susan Cohen's furst book o' poetry, but it willnae be the last! Poetry Frae Wur Hearts is a collection o' poems written in 2020 which'll mak' ye laff an' mak ye weep - jist lik' the year itsel'! Frae 'Come Sit Wi' Me In The Fridge' tae 'Ah'm In Love Wi' The Postie', it hus sumthin' tae say oan a' the facets o' this upside doon topsy turvy stooshie o' a life we a' huv richt noo. This is sumthin' fur yer ither hauf, yer single pals, yer Granny, the postie ... anybody who jist wants a wee smile an' a wee paper-y hug.

'Brad, Ma Valentine

The day tha' Brad Pitt walked in
Tae wur local supermarket
Ah hudnae hud ma lippy oan
Ah wus lookin' kinda hackit.
Ah tried tae gie him the glad eye
Across a shelf o' tangerines ...'