3 FUR 2!

£13.98 Was £20.97

3 crackin' Wee Books fur the price o' 2? Noo, tha's an offer ye cannae refuse, eh?

The Wee Book o' Grannies' Sayin's - chock a block foo o' a' wur fav'rite sayin's frae the days when we were weans an' wur Grannies wur barkin' a' us tae haud yer wheesht! an' ca' canny!

The Wee Book o' Pure Stoatin' Joy - it jist isnae possible tae read through this Wee Book withoot laffin' 'til yer socks drap aff.

Ma Wee Book o' Clarty Secrets - a funny quirky take oan a fantoosh mindfooness journal but wi' a Scottish twist tha'll mak' yer heart sing!

A' three books measure 155mm x 155mm an' are in paperback.