COMING SOON - Dec, 2019


This book is going to change bedtimes forever for parents and children with sleep difficulties. Set in the heart of Edinburgh, at the foot of Arthur's Seat, Arthur, the Sleepy Giant uses his powerful gentle sleep magic to lull his beloved wee sleepy Brownies into silent slumber.

With every slowly swirling sinking line of the story, children will become more and more relaxed until they fall asleep naturally. The language in this book encourages deep relaxation and promotes sound uninterrupted sleep.

The book is aimed to be read accompanied by a backing track - Magical Scottish Sleep Music which can be downloaded for free from our website. This backing track can be left to play in the child's bedroom all night to soothe any nightime restlessness.

Format: Paperback
Size: 297mm x 242mm
Publisher: The Wee Book Company
Subject: Children's 3+
Illustrations: 4-colour illustrations
Extent: 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1-913237-02-8
Publication date: December, 2019