Pre-order - Jun, 2020

Weel, Yeasty McSconechops, ye wee bakin' belter, ye! Ye're gaun tae luv gettin' yer paws oan this big braw kitchen notebook. Foo o' laffs an' guid Scots bakin' tips, as well as giein' ye plenty room fur a' yer ain recipes, this is the perfect thingmie tae be knockin' aboot yer kitchen!
When ye add tae yer bakin' a bit o' elbow grease, a touch o' imagination an' a sprinklin' o' love, ye start tae create pure magic. So arise, ye crackin' Wizard Treacly McFlapjack! Grab yer wand an' start notin' doon yer magic bakin' spells in yer big braw notebook. Gaun yersel', ya big stoater!